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Decorative Molding Adds Style and Flair to Your Home



Corbels and decorative brackets add to the beautify your project with a classic artistic look. They can also serve useful purposes, such as hanging draperies and supporting shelves. Plaster decorative brackets provide a medium that can be much more detailed that those made of wood or polyurethane. Gypsum is much more easily painted or covered in other finishes or stains, and provides the added benefit of fire resistance. These decorative brackets are generally used indoors, but a we make a special kind of bracket can be used outdoors.


Decorative brackets can serve several purposes. When used to hang draperies, they provide a beautiful finished look to the draperies installation.

The following is an illustration of a decorative bracket for draperies. There are many styles and sizes to choose from.

Decorative Bracket

Below is a decorative bracket that can be used on a fireplace mantel:

Decorative Bracket Fireplace Mantel

Castle Design

Castle Design can help to decide how to install your decorative bracket - there are many uses. As shown above, a fireplace mantel is a perfect use. Choose a style that works with the decor of the home. Also, a large mirror can be framed with decorative brackets and pilasters. The room should reflect the personality of the owner with the proper accessories and decoration.

The Castle Design website invites you to contact us through several means - email, fax, toll-free telephone, and snail mail.

If you have any questions when trying to select one of their mantels, please contact them! They look forward to working with you and create a unique living space in your home or on your project.

The website also includes galleries of their products, instruction on how to install the various corbels and decorative brackets, as well as suggestions for applications using them.