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Decorative Cast Plaster Appliques, Friezes, Plaques, and other Decorative Moldings

A favorite of interior designers and decorators, our decorative architectural cartouches and appliqués can provide the needed accent to any focal design element.  Our appliqués are Cast Plaster Appliques Collagefrequently used by artisans and manufactures of wood-based products such as cabinets and fireplace mantels because our cast architectural appliqué, frieze and cartouche designs provide a clean and highly detailed look that they simply cannot attain from a CNC machine.  All our appliques are designed for interior use, but for a premium, we can make most out of an exterior grade product.  From our smallest decorative architectural rosette to our largest decorative architectural appliqué mounted above the grand entrance of an estate home, our vast selection of decorative appliqués and cartouches can be used for both residential and commercial.  Our Portfolio showcases some installed Appliques.

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