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Columns and Pilasters

Thank you for your interest in working with Castle Design on your project that involves Architectural Columns and/or Pilasters, the vertical shaft/support.  When applied to a wall, a column or partial column is often called a Pilaster, or 'engaged column".  We have a specialist on our team to help with designing and building Columns and Pilasters whether they are just part of your overall project, or makeup our complete involvement.  Our column and pilasters are available in a selection of styles, including round, square, smooth, fluted or paneled, tapered, non-tapered or barrel, and in materials including plaster, wood, stone, marble, fiberglass and GRG,  as dictated by your design criterial, your ideas and the project specifications!

Send us you plans and our specialist will be in touch with you!  View our Column and Pilaster Gallery

Fort Monroe | Columns

Columns | Fort Monroe

Home with beautiful Columns

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