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Decorative Architectural Home Accent Ceiling Domes

Interior ceiling domes invoke memories of Greek style mansions and classic style Georgian homes for the modern home owner; anyone who enters a room with a ceiling dome will take note.Ceiling Domes | Cast Plaster

Whether you are building a new home or restoring an old house with new look and feel a ceiling dome should be of the same architectural style as the rest of the house.  Begin your quest by looking for a dome that has detail work comparable to detail work that will be or is already established in the home.  Creating the perfect room setting involves a special detail.  An architectural ceiling dome adds that detail with a unique look and style for which today's discerning home and business owner is looking.  Add charm and drama to your room with lighting.  Combine a recessed lighting cove with your dome for a decorative element for accent or task lighting.  Our portfolio contains photos of installed domes. 
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