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Architectural Cast Fireplace Mantels and Shelves

Fireplace Mantels By Castle Design

Our Paintable Gypsum Stone Mantels are available in several distinct designs that are the perfect centerpiece for any interior room. Gypsum Stone Mantels are hand-crafted to create a smooth white surface and may be painted or faux finished. Paintable stone mantels are easy to install, requiring only simple tools and limited skill. Each mantel surround is non-combustible in accordance with ASTM-136 and has a Class II Fire Rating (flame resistant), thus no space is required between the mantel and the firebox.

Many of our stone mantel designs allow optional selections of corbel, applique, and rosette combinations that give you the opportunity to create a unique stone fireplace surround. These mantels are cast with a specially formulated Hydrocal™ gypsum cement and are reinforced with hemp fiber to create an extremely hard surface that is also rich in design detail. Our stone fireplace mantel designs are relatively lightweight, which makes preparation and stone mantel installation much easier than other stone mantels.  Some mantels are shown as finished and installed, but this is not included in our listed prices. Mantels are delivered unfinished.  Our portfolio contains some photographs of installed fireplace mantels.

 Fireplace Mantel Portfolio      Mantel Specifications Chart     Installation Guidelines for Fireplaces