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Decorative Architectural Wall Niche

Our interior Architectural Wall Niches provide a recessed wall shelf for you to accent a favorite floralNiche N5 bouquet or showcase an architectural accent piece.  Our wall niches come in two niche design styles - a plain wall niche and a shell wall niche.  Each niche is hand-sculpted and cast in our shop in Alabama and is made with our gypsum plaster and hemp reinforcing fibers.  These niches provide an amazing architecural impact to any room and they are easy to install (Wall Niche Installation Instructions).  To see some of our niches that have been installed, please visit our Wall Niche Product Portfolio.

Use as a interior gallery wall niche or even a creative bathroom shower niche.  N1 and N3 Niches fit between 16" on center studs in standard 2 X 4 walls and come with a wall template for easy installation.  No Special Installation Required for N1 and N3 Niches!

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