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Ceiling Dome Installation Tips


Castle Design Ceiling Dome

When you get ready to install your ceiling dome from Castle Design, these are some useful tips! 

Support Frame:

Construct support frames using 1 ½” thick, minimum 2 x 6 material, and install frame into ceiling, or use existing ceiling joists as part of support frame (check with building code requirement). We recommend having product on-hand for exact measurements before installation. Install support frame flush with bottom of other framing material, such as ceiling joists.

Finish ceiling over support frame and support frame corners to the inside finished opening area.

Installation (interior use only):

Use 3” coated drywall screws or 3” coated framing head nails for fastening. Pre-drill holes approximately every 8” inside dome near outer rim. Apply adhesive to unfinished side outer dome rim. Outer dome rim will overlap onto finished ceiling when installed.

Install dome into opening, and fasten onto support framing. Countersink coated fasteners approximately 1/8” to ¼” and fill holes with non-shrinking spackling compound or plaster and water mix. Use a feathering technique with a wet paintbrush for a smooth blend onto product surface. For additional support, use wire cable to attach dome to rafters and joist.

Apply a bead of painters’ caulk between outer rim of dome and finished ceiling in order to seal any unevenness at ceiling. Note: If installing chandelier or light fixture, always support fixture and electrical box independent of dome. Some domes come with a 2 x 4 and electrical box molded into the dome. Support 2 x 4 and box to joist or rafters before hanging fixture. Drill through electrical box to run wire. Use separate 2 x 6 framing above dome (attached to joists or rafters) and attach fixture and box to this separate 2 x 6 framing. Never use dome to support fixture.


Plaster products accept finishing well. Prime and paint, seal and stain, or faux finish. For ease of installation, we recommend applying finish to product first, then touching up as needed.

If any questions arise along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us