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Cast Molding Installation Guidelines

Plaster Molding Installation Instruction and Guidelines


  • Joints require careful fitting. Allow for the following waste with installation:

                   1. Allow approximately 1 foot per 10 feet of wall coverage for maintaining the continuous and repeating patterns

                   2. Allow approximately 1 foot per corner for mitering joints

  • Mark the ceiling and wall with lines indicating the edges and projection of the molding. Locate and mark studs/ceiling joists for fastening molding.
  • Installation should start and end in the least noticeable corner. Most molding contains a pattern, so the end of your final piece may not match the pattern where you began.
  • Our moldings are designed for interior use only.  Some moldings are available for exterior use using a special formulation at a premium price; this must be discussed and arranged at the time the order is placed.


  • All inside and outside corners should be mitered. Miter cuts should be done in a miter box with moldings placed as if mounted on the wall.
  • As an alternative to mitering, incorporate corner blocks, and butt joints to corner blocks
  • Match patterns and molding thicknesses before final installation. Slight variations may occur from piece to piece. If an adjustment is needed, rasp the ends and/or back to assure flush fit.


  • Apply adhesive to the back side of molding. Spread it evenly over the surface area that will be bonded to the wall and ceiling.
  • Butt joints tightly in order to avoid separation
  • Fasten molding to studs using coated finishing nails or screws. Countersink nails or screws 1/8”.
  • Remove excess adhesive and fill nail/screw holes and joints with non-shrink spackling compound or a plaster and water mix.


  • Prime and paint (flat paints recommended); seal, stain, or varnish; or faux finish the moldings. We do not recommend finishing molding before installing the molding.

*The user shall determine and assume full responsibility for the suitability and installation of this product.