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Class II Fire Rating

All Cast Designs plaster ornamental products maintain a Class II Fire Rating, yielding them non-combustible under the most extreme fire and heat conditions.  All of our products are/have:

        -Non-flammable & Non-combustible
        -Passed ASTME 84 Test (Tunnel Test): Flame spread and smoke development ratings of 0 (Zero)
        -Not subject to typical code requirement setbacks for areas such as mantels


A recent unfortunate incident in 2008 illustrated this amazing quality of our products when a newly constructed home in Nashville, TN burned to the ground and became a total loss.  The crown moulding shown in the after photos demonstrate the non-combustible qualities of our gypsum plaster-based ornamental mouldings.  Even after the gypsum drywall had met its burn threshold, our moulding withstood the fire and extreme temperatures, protecting the wall and structure behind it from the spread of the flame.