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General Tips and Techniques

Tips and Techniques for All Cast Plaster Products

1. When installing any product, always:

  •  Check building codes for local requirements.
  •  Have product on hand for exact measurements before installation starts
  •  Unless specifically ordered, our basic products are intended for interior applications only.  Some products are available using a formula for exterior use; we need to know this at the time the order is placed.

2. Before cutting into any structure, check for electrical wiring, plumbing, supports, and load bearing areas, etc.


3.  When attaching all cast plaster products, use a construction adhesive such as Liquid Nails or drywall board adhesive to insure complete bonding to the ceiling or wall.

4. When installing larger cast plaster products and most products installed on the ceiling:

  •  Predrill small pilot holes into the cast plaster where you will use coated screws for added security
  •  Counter sink coated fasteners into product 1/8” or less
  •  Fill holes with plaster patch or non-shrinking spackling
  •  Use feathering techniques to blend in with design
  • See Installation Instructions | Medallions, Appliques, Cartouces & Corbels for more tips

5. If finished wall areas are not even with surface of product, use painter caulk to fill uneven gaps.

6. Castle Design products accept finishes well:

  • Prime and paints
  • Sealers, stains, and varnishes
  • Faux finishes

         Note:  For ease of installation, we recommend applying finish to product first, then touching up as needed.

*User shall determine and assume full responsibility for the suitability and installation of the product