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Green Building & LEED Certification | Environmentally Friendly Product

Green Building & LEED Certification 

What makes us Green?
Product Components:
The components to our cast architectural products are all plentiful, organic, renewable resources.
Gypsum (plaster): Found naturally below the earth's surface, this material is plentiful, non-hazardous, and non-combustable (Our products have a Class II Fire Rating meaning they will not burn).
Hemp Fiber: With a phenomenal tensile strength not found in any other natural form, this renewable resource provides the core structure for our products.  See our Hemp Fiber page for further information on this incredible material.
Water: Good old tap water

Distribution: As a manufactuer of a buildling product, we offer unmatched efficiency in distribution by selling direct to contractors, designers, and homeowners. The product is made in our facility and shipped in the most direct manner to the place of final destination. This eliminates the wasteful use of resources required to ship to distribution and retail locations.
Product Durability: Our product is manufactured to last beyond the life of the structures it decorates. This prevents the unnecessary replacement of materials that rot, split, or decay with shorter less permanent lifespans.

Product Advantages - LEED-NC (New Construction)
Our products directly contribute toward the following credits:
        -MRc5: Regional Materials
        -MRc6: Rapidly Renewable Resources (Hemp Fiber)
        -EQc4.2: Low-emitting materials, paints, and coatings

Our products indirectly contribute toward the following credit as a replacement material for wood:
        -MRc7: Certified Wood

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