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Installation Instructions | Medallions, Appliques, Cartouches & Corbels

Installation Instructions for Plaster Medallions, Appliqués, Cartouches & Corbels*

1. If you are installing a plaster medallion, we recommend leaving it in the box until you are ready for installation. Our products, unless specifically discussed and arranged at the time of ordering, are for interior installations only.

2.  Remove medallions from the box by grasping the inner center trim rather than the outer edges.

3.  'Dry-fit' (or measure precisely) before attempting to install the product.

4. Locate and mark the wall studs/ceiling joists where the product will be mounted. Locate wall studs or ceiling joists, and transfer stud locations to the product, then pre-drill the product for a few screws or nails before fastening it in place with adhesive. Coated drywall screws work best for mounting, or you may use coated nails with heads or other coated fasteners into studs or joists.

5Apply construction adhesive (such as Liquid Nails or drywall board adhesive) to the back of the product to ensure bonding to the wall or ceiling. Adhesive must be used for medallion installations.

6. Use coated screws to fasten the product to the studs or joists and double-check to assure that the product is secured to wall or ceiling. Use coated toggle bolts if studs or joists are unavailable. Countersink the coated screws 1/8” or less and fill the holes with non-shrinking spackling compound using a feathering technique to blend it in with the product.

7. If the wall or ceiling is uneven with the product, apply painter’s caulk with a caulking gun to fill in the gap along the outer edges of the product.

8. For medallions: If you are using your medallion around a light fixture, center the hole over the electrical box. Use coated extension screws for mounting the top plate of the light fixture through the hole of the medallion to the electrical box. NOTE: Extra blocking may be needed as lights/fixtures must be attached independently of the medallion. Do not use the medallion to support the fixture.

9. Cast Designs products accept finishing well. Prime and paint; or, seal, stain, and varnish; or faux finish. For ease of installation, we recommend applying finish to the product first and then touching up as needed after it is in place.

*User shall determine and assume full responsibility for the suitability and installation of the product