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Decorative Architectural Trim, Chair Rail and Crown Molding - Our Portfolio of Installed Product


Crown Molding DM719 in Grand two-story foyer

Decorative Crown Molding

Crown Molding DM719 in a grand, two-story foyer.  Private residence.

 Crown Molding DM725 installed in a gourmet kitchen

DM725 Decorative Crown Molding

Gourmet Kichen. Private Residence

 Decorative Crown Molding Installed | DM730 | Living Room

DM730 Crown Molding

Installed in Living Room along with Fireplace Mantel MT1004.  Painted White

 Crown Molding and Plaster Fireplace Mantel Installed

DM730 Ornamental Crown Molding

Crown molding used in a music room, along with our MT1002 Hydrocal Plaster Mantel. CRA3 Emblem Applique used at top of arched overmantel molding.

 Crown Molding DM712 | Gold Stike Hotel Lobby

Highly Decorative Gold Strike Casino - Hotel Lobby

Many of our architectural and decorative moldings and trim were used throughout this gorgeous hotel, including the DM712 crown molding seen here in the rotunda of the main lobby (Tunica, Mississippi)

 Decorative Crown Molding | DM733

DM733 Decorative Crown Molding

Private residence (Louisville, Kentucky)

Decorative Crown Molding Installed | DM748

DM748 Decorative Crown Molding

Private Residence, Master Bath (Brentwood, Tennessee)

 DM748 Crown Molding in Master Bedroom

DM748 Decorative Crown Molding

Private Residence, Master Bedroom (Brentwood, Tennessee)

 Crown Molding DM767CR and Coffered Ceiling

DM767 Decorative Crown Molding for Coffered Ceiling

The use of DM767 Molding further accentruates the dramatic effect of this coffered ceiling

 Decorative Molding DM767 used on Fireplace Mantel

The Versatility of DM767 Decorative Trim Molding

Displaying the versatility of our exquisite DM767 Molding, this fireplace mantel was custom built by also using our large B30 Corbel Brackets as pilasters

 DM362 and DM729 Crown Moldings Installed

Beautifully Synchronized Moldings and Medallion

With the M30-19 Ceiling Medallion, each of the three crown moldings are beautifully synchronized in this installation.  Starting at the ceiling are our DM362, then the DM729, along with DM721 decorative plaster crown moldings.

 DM1-723-8 Crown Molding

DM1-723CR-8 Decoartive Corner Molding

Used in conjunction with the simple DM1-723-8 concave crown moldings, these decorative corner moldings provide an exquisite look and a classic feel to this formal residential dining room.  Used but not shown in this image are decorative accent sections DM1-723A-8 at the center point of each of the four walls.


 Crown Molding with Gold Finish

DM712 Straightline Waterleaf Crown Molding

Acanthus and Waterleaf Leaf molding installed and finished in the field in a brilliant gold.  Detailed view.

 Decorative Crown Moldings - Tray Ceiling

DM701 and DM748 Crown Moldings

Used together in a double Tray Ceiling, these decorative plaster crowm moldings are perfectly complimentary

 DM721 Crown Molding Installed

DM721 Crown Molding

A beautifully ornate crown molding with integral miniature corbel brackets

 Crown Molding DM721 used in a Coffered Ceiling

DM721 Crown Molding

Ornamental crown molding used in a coffered ceiling application for classic detail


 Crown Molding DM721 with custom radius

DM721 Custom Radius Molding

The DM721 is one of several ornamental crown molding profiles that we offer cast to a custom radius for architectural elements as shown in this photo.  Exact measurements are taken by use of a template and each piece is cast for a specific portion of the wall to ensure a tight fit.

 Decorative Architectural Crown Molding

DM724 Decorative Architectural Plaster Molding. 

Molding installed in a private residence near Nashville, Tennessee

 Decorative Crown Molding with Capitals - Installed

DM712 Ornamental Architectural Crown Molding used in conjunction with C22 Decorative Plaster Column Capitals

 Decorative Crown Molding painted white

DM730 Architectural Crown Molding

Mitered Outside Corner, painted white

 Decorative Crown Molding and Fireplace Overmantel

DM730 Decorative Crown Molding

Used above decorative plaster over mantel #OMT4.  Reflection of Ceiling Medallion in the mirror

 Decorative Crown Molding installed

DM732 Ornamental Crown Molding

Installed in room with plaster niche, a capital and a plaster fireplace mantel

 Decorative Crown Molding installed

DM748 Crown Molding

Installed, showing corner details

 Decorative Crown Molding, capitals and ceiling panels

DM730 Crown Molding

Featuring decorative crown molding along with plaster column capitals, and a large P25 ceiling panel

 Crown Molding and Trim installed on Ceiling

 Decoartive Corner Crown Molding

Using decorative corner DM739CR in conjuntion with decortative trim DM739, the molding design on the ceiling nicely compliments the crown molding DM712

 Molding DM767 - Installed in Cathedral

 DM767 Decorative Crown Molding

Private Residence (Brentwood, Tennessee)

 Decorative Crown Molding DM730 | Installed

DM730 Crown Molding

Installed and faux finished

 DM724 Crown Molding Installed

Curved DM721 Crown Molding

One of teh many advantages of Cast Molding from Castle Design is our ability to cast to a radius as seen in this photo

 DM744 Molding installed at Ceiling

DM744 Ornamental Gypsum Plaster Crown Molding

 DM718 Floral Crown Molding Installed  DM718 Decorative Crown Molding with a floral and leaf pattern. Installed with lighting
 DM712 Ornamental Crown with DM263 Chair Rail

DM172 Ornamental Crown Molding

Installed in room also using DM263 Chair Rail Molding

 DM721 Crown Molding | Opryland Hotel

 Castle Design Custom Crown Molding

Used extensively throughout the main ballroom at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, a custom crown molding using our DM721 crown molding, was used with a radius to create a continual, uninterupted pattern from the straight areas into the curved areas of the ceiling.

 Crown Molding Cornice

Integration of Ornamental Crown Molding with Corner Window Cornice design

 Crown Molding used to create a window cornice

Cornice Board using Decorative Ornamental Crown Molding

 Crown Molding and Capitals featured in this luxurious home

Crown Molding and Column Capitals featured - inspiring

 Crown Molding featured in a 2-story rounded foyer.  What an inspiration

Beautiful 2-story foyer features plaster Crown Molding - what an inspiration

Castle Design artisans hand-craft classically and contemporarily inspired architectural moldings (aka mouldings) featuring historical, ornamental and traditional patterns as well as some simple, contemporary clean line moldings in a gypsum based plaster reinforced with natural hemp fibers for strength and durability.  Made in the USA, our moldings are installed all across the United States of America in residential and commercial applications.  Crowd moldings, chair rails, base rails and more feature, among other elements, acanthus leaves, scrolls, flutes, egg and dart moulding details, and greek keys.  A flexible formulation is available for some of our moldings, and others may be available with a radius.  Contact us for details.