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R4 Oval Ring Installd                              

R4 Oval Ring

Using the moulding design of our DM729, the R4 Ring fits with our only oval dome, the D12.  This Ring set is sold separately from the dome and comes in two pieces.  The finished outer dimensions of the dome and ring after installation are approxamately 105.25"x86.5".              
Ceiling Ring R12 Installed

R12 Ring

Mounted on the ceiling to provide dramatic depth for a lighting fixture or used to frame a mirror, the R12 ring provides a very unique design versatility.

Castle Design artisans hand-craft classically inspired architectural ceiling rings featuring historical, ornamental and traditional patterns in a gypsum based plaster reinforced with natural hemp fibers for durability.  We are proud to say that our classic ceiling domes and rings are used across the USA in residential and commercial applications, and an exterior formulation is available for many of our rings which feature among other elements acanthus leaves, scrolls, volutes, flutes, egg and dart moulding details, greek key, shell, and coffered patterns. Rings may be sized to accommodate up lighting and some are available in a flexible formulation.