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Rosette and Small Applique Installation Guide

Cast Plaster Architectural Rosettes, Accessories and Appliques - Installation Guidelines

  1. Before installing the product, ensure you have the product on-hand to assist you with taking exact measurements.
  2. Locate and mark area where product is to be installed. Product must be fastened to a material that accepts a bonding agent such as glue or adhesive.
  3. Apply bonding agent such as glue, Liquid Nails, drywall adhesive, or other similar product to the back of the Cast Designs product. Apply product to mounting surface. Secure product until adhesive dries. Rosettes and small appliqués are thin and fiber is usually not used in this product, so nails and screws cannot be used to fasten the product to the mounting surface.
  4. Cast Designs products accept finishing well. Prime and paint; or, seal, stain, and varnish; or faux finish. For ease of installation, we recommend applying finish to the product first, then touching up as needed after gluing.
  5. Our product is designed for interior use only.  Some products are available in a special formulation for exterior use at a premium price; this must be discussed and arranged at the time the order is placed.

*User shall determine and assume full responsibility for the suitability and installation of the product