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Why Purchase from Castle Design

Formerly known as 'Cast Designs & Supply'

  1. COST:  While there simply are not substitutes for many of our designs, our cast products are less costly than wood and polymer-based substitutes, in general, due to our processes and our unique product and authentic design components.
  2. Hand-made in the USA from gypsum, water, and reinforcing hemp fibers - all found naturally on or in earth's surface. Environmentally Green Product: hemp fiber
  3. Class II Fire Rating: Our product will not burn.  See our Class II Fire Rating Page for proof.
  4. Distribution: We ship directly to you from our factory - providing you the lowest cost and the quickest delivery.
  5. Handcrafted in USA: Each product is cast, finished, and inspected by one of our master craftsmen in our Alabama factory.
  6. Our exquisitely detailed products provide the authentic appearance and feel you expect.
  7. Easy to install:  It installs like wood, so you can miter corners, nail or screw it to your structure, and patch.  See our Installation Instructions Page for listings of how to install all our products.
  8. Diversity of Products and Designs: Our vast library provides you the variety to meet almost any architectural product need, all within a single source.
  9. Intended for interior use, contact us about the availability of an exterior formulation for a slight premium, if you will install this product outside.